Apps We Love Actually Enjoy Using

There are a plethora of phone, computer, and tablet applications for quite possibly anything one could think of. Apps for organization, apps for work, apps for fun, and even apps to aid in ghost hunting. Paranormal extra-curricular activites aside, we asked several of our coworking members what their favorite apps are. The feedback we received was not only advantageous, but amusing! Check out their favorites below:


This app can be used to boost creativity and act as a catalyst for problem solving. Brainsparker uses trigger words, quotes, images, actions, and questions to facilitate creative thinking. Cast member, Katie, uses Brainsparker to keep her thinking of new ideas and creative solutions. She schedules a “brainsparker” daily at 3:23pm to “prompt fresh ideas throughout the end of the workday.”


Cozi is used as an organization tool to help manage everyday family life. This app allows family members to access a shared calendar, create reminders (doctor appointments, band practice, take the dog on a walk, etc.) and even edit a grocery list in real-time. Cast member, Danielle, uses it with her family to “keep track of our schedules and activities in one place. It also allows us to create a to-do and grocery list that we both can edit. Cozi has a recipe section as well and I can create a shopping list from the recipes automatically.” Boom, talk about efficiency.


This app allows you to visually see and measure the solar and lunar cycles. Users can create notifications based on the cycles such as “walk the dog 30 minutes before sunset.” It also predicts things that are more active during moon phases such as wildlife. Cast member, Scott, uses Sundial for outdoor activities like fishing and hunting. “It would be helpful for predicting werewolf activity too.” Scott says. Don’t forget the night vision goggles and Wolfsbane.


Used for managing the time that kids spend in front of a screen, this app will put a tablet or smartphone on lockdown during scheduled time slots, or when a time limit (set by parents) has been met. ScreenTime will send a report of what your child spends most of their time on. Cast member, Holly, mentions that “it is easy to let our youth be sucked into all the technology surrounding them but as parents we need to be vigilant about them spending time on other important things like imagination play, being outside, or getting comfortable and creative with just being bored once in a while.”


Several of our coworkers use and recommend trying out Headspace. According to, “meditation has been shown to help people stress less, focus more and even sleep better. Headspace is meditation made simple.” This app has hundreds of guided meditations all aimed to improve wellness and bring balance to your life. Headspace even has an option for businesses that want their employees to be more “productive, resilient and creative.” Plug in your Himalayan salt lamp and give this app a-go.

Pantone Studio

Have you ever taken a photo and wondered what the EXACT color of that Braum’s birthday cake ice cream scoop is? What about the exact shade of white that all those fancy Instagrammers use in their background? Well, thank goodness Pantone exists to help answer those questions. Cast member, Courtney, enjoys using Pantone Studio in her daily creative exercise. She says, “it allows you to pull colors directly from photos.” Users can build and create color palettes which can then be shared to a Creative Cloud account. This app references RGB, Hex, and CMYK color values. And just FYI, that delicious blue shade of Braum’s birthday cake ice cream is aptly named Blue Turquoise, Pantone Color of the Year, hex # 83 176 174. Enjoy


04 • 03 • 2018

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