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September 3, 2016

Dream Kitchen Come True! (Part 1)

So, I have had this dream of a beautiful quartz countertop in my kitchen for years now. Our last house had a tan formica situation happening that I had saved up to replace a couple of times but something always came up and we would divert the money to another cause before it could happen. It’s probably for the best anyways since we would have apparently moved to Nashville pretty quick after it would have been installed and wouldn’t have gotten to enjoy it much before moving.

Anyways, our Nashville kitchen had a better option as far as quality goes (black granite rather than formica) but the black felt so heavy in the space and sucked up a lot of the light that the one small window brings in (you can see the “before the before” photos here). What you see above is actually the “midway” point that we’ve been living in for the past year. I replaced the original black narrow peninsula countertop with a white tiled DIY option to brighten up the space a bit, and while that helped a lot, it was still a placeholder solution since we had other issues to fix as well. One of the issues with the above setup is that we had a severe pantry shortage in this kitchen (as in there wasn’t really one to begin with) so we wanted to add much larger “L” shaped cabinets to replace the 12″ deep peninsula where all our food was stacked 4 rows high. It was the “shove the food in there and close the door quick situation” if you know what I mean. Since I couldn’t find a custom person to replicate the existing 60’s cabinet door situation on the other side of the kitchen, I decided to go with a flat front door on the new cabinets to compliment rather that copy the original design. Even though I knew I would have a few week gap of cabinets with no counter, I was still over the moon when the cabinets were installed. Space for all my food!! Slide out drawers! Lazy Susan, I missed you, you big sloth! I also chose a pull-out double trash so we could do trash in the front bin and recycling in the back bin. I’ve been piling up the recycling on the floor until the pile got too big so that second bin is a pretty big deal to me! We left the cabinet top open for a week until we finally used large pieces of cardboard as a makeshift counter (although I did miss that easy access to snacks, you could just reach right in the top! #SNACCESS). We also had the existing backsplash tile that I painted removed so we could replace the backsplash and add a garbage disposal at the same time we replaced the countertop. I have to say that I didn’t grow up with a disposal in the sink, but once you get used to it, it’s hard to go back to not having one! As you can see in the last picture, the tile and counters are removed and ready to be replaced with a gorgeous marble-veined quartz that I’ll show you soon!! SO EXCITED!!!signature2 copy

September 14, 2015

So, You Want To Be A Band Wife, Huh?

I started this blog coming up on 3 years ago now for a few simple reasons; I was just completing a Masters program and wanted a outlet to continue writing (since it’s something I really enjoy doing), I thought it would be a great way to learn photography (I had only picked up my first DSLR camera a month before starting the blog), and, well, it just sounded like fun! I called the blog “The Band Wife” because, you know, when you’re creating a “brand”, even a small brand, you want to focus on things you’re good at and things that make you unique. Well, being the wife of a full-time touring musician was certainly unique for Springfield, MO (where we lived at the time) and I definitely felt like I stuck out from everyone else I knew in that regard, so that’s the quirk I chose to center the blog around. What surprised me is that it only took a few weeks before I got an email from a sweet reader saying that they were in a serious relationship with a touring musician and were writing to ask me for advice on how to handle the life. Well, since I didn’t really know anyone else in the same situation at the time, I had never been asked for advice on how to deal with before it so I had to sit down and think about it for a minute. I made a list of my top tips that help me the most, emailed the girl back, and saved the list just in case it ever came up again. It’s a good thing I saved it because it’s been a reoccurring theme in my inbox ever since then and it’s been fun to see that this little (and at times random) snapshot into my life has been a supportive reminder for some of your out there that you aren’t alone in this weird, crazy life.

I actually felt a bit dumb about the title of my blog when I realized we were for sure moving to Nashville this year. I mean, being a band wife here is nothing new, so it felt dorky to have that be a “unique” thing about me in this location. But you know what? For all the band wives that live in musician bubbles like Nashville, L.A., Austin, or New York, there are plenty that live in smaller cities or areas where the music scene is not exactly thriving and they are the only person they know trying to cope with the lifestyle. So, for you gals out there, I’ll keep the name and continue sharing the glimpses into the peaks and valleys that you all deal with too.

Oh, and the actual point of this post is that I’m going to compile and post some more comprehensive thoughts on the subject of dealing with a traveling musician partner, so if you’ve got any questions you’ve always wanted to ask or advice of your own, leave it in the comments below!! Todd will be traveling for the next 6 weeks on a fall tour, so if you’re home alone too, I feel ya! Let me know if you want to talk…signature

May 17, 2015

60’s Cocktail Party!

As someone that loves parties, I have to say that theme parties can be the most fun for me. Last winter we were trying to think of a way to beat the winter blues and have a fun event that everyone could look forward to, so we decided a 60’s themed cocktail party would be just the ticket. We had such a good time that when I was trying to decide what to do for my 30th birthday this year I couldn’t think of anything better than having another 60’s bash, so that’s exactly what we did! I found the most amazing vintage pink dress with pleated bell sleeves this past fall during a visit to Nashville and I bought another vintage shift dress with an embellished neckline here in town (also pink!). What’s a girl to do when she has two dresses she wants to wear? Well, I did an outfit change halfway through the party so I could wear both. Who says the show “Sweet 16” can’t teach you tips for life?? Not this girl. 
I’ve always dreamed of having a balloon ceiling at a party, but you have no idea how expensive it is to fill a ceiling with balloons (and it’s a bit of a transportation nightmare) so instead I did a “reverse” balloon ceiling by blowing up giant balloons with a air mattress pump and then hanging them from the ceiling instead. They don’t call me “the problem solver” for nothing!!
I had a few 60’s fashion and home decor magazines out for people to look through during the party. If you’ve never read a vintage magazine you should! It’s amazing and the ads are hilarious!!I bought a fondue pot from the 70’s that had never been used before and we made cheese and chocolate fondue—so good I will definitely make it again for sure. I also had several dips, olive and pickle trays, and cheese spreads just to keep the theme going.I hired the most handsome bartender I could find for the party. Not bad, eh? I also like to make lists of classic cocktails and their ingredients so people can make the drinks themselves. That way, the hostess is free to do other things and they can have fun by making new drinks they’ve probably never made before.Todd is such a doll and had several of the guests bring me my favorite flowers as they came in. By the time the night was over, they were everywhere and the place smelled amazing! So thoughtful and sweet.I borrowed Elsie’s Instax mini camera and set up a photo booth in the back room and I’m so glad that I did! I got some really fun shots from both options and I think I’m going to make a giant print of the one of Todd and I at the top for our next house because it’s too adorable. Overall, the night was a really fun way to celebrate my birthday with some really sweet people that I love and that’s what matters the most.

Also, I was REALLY proud of that hair you guys. I did 3 practice rounds of it that week to get it right, but I think I nailed it. It’s basically my dream Barbarella hair and I wish I could wear it like that everyday…oh well, hopefully the 60’s cocktail party tradition will continue in Nashville! I’ll keep an eye out for a dress (or dresses) in the meantime just in case 😉

April 1, 2014

A Forever Kind of Love

Ours is a forever kind of love. The kind of love that involves hand-holding while skipping through flower fields, sharing all pasta Lady & The Tramp style, drinking our liquids with the wedding toast interlocked arms posture…you know, all the good stuff. I’ve asked Todd for years to get a tattoo featuring yours truly, and since he still refuses, I thought I would get one myself to get the ball rolling and immortalize my feelings for this big dummy. So far I love it! I totally see a cat-themed sleeve on the other arm in my near future….here’s to my first (of many) tattoos!signature

December 22, 2013

Christmas Road Trip

ROAD TRIP! We are currently driving in the car on our way to my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA (with donut holes and almond milk lattes on hand). Unfortunately, I only get to see my family about twice a year so I really treasure the Christmas trip home. We have a few family Christmas traditions that I always look forward to (like eating french fried butterfly shrimp on Christmas Eve-YUM!) and my Mom is the original Martha Stewart when it comes to Christmas decor. She’s the kind of lady that stores a separate stash of throw pillows that only match her holiday scheme. She’s definitely where I got my own personal brand of crazy when it comes to decor…

I’ve really been looking forward to laughs with my family, a little R + R, and a few days off from DIYing (as much as I love it). I even got a shellac mani since I knew I wouldn’t be going near spray paint for a few days and it feels nice to have the hands of a proper lady instead of a hobo digging near a construction site.

Here’s a few iphone photos of what Christmas has looked like at our house so far this year:

We were all dressed up for the A Beautiful Mess Christmas party- lots of good food, friends, and fun. Also, I can’t even begin to say how much I love that light up marquee sign. Totally obsessed.

Have a wonderful upcoming week wherever you are! signature