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October 30, 2016

Gummergal + Gummerguy = A Gummerbaby!!

That’s right—my eggo is preggo, i.e. I’m pregnant!!! I’m actually in my 13th week now and our Gummerbaby is due in early May so it’s possible we will have a full house of May birthdays (both Todd and I have birthdays in May as well). The biggest question that pregnant gals get is “how are you feeling?” and while it’s been a much tougher process than I ever imagined so far (helloooo extreme nausea!!) I’m overall feeling grateful and excited. Second biggest question might be, “Do you have any food cravings?” and while my list of food aversions is waaaay longer than any cravings list, my top guilty pleasure is a soft pretzel with nacho cheese for dipping—YUM!! Although to be totally fair, I’ve been talking about fulfiling that food wish for a few weeks before I got pregnant, so that may just be a general craving that tastes extra good at the moment!

I’m definitly one of those people that falls into the “knows absolutely nothing about babies” category so this will be a big learning experience, but thankfully May is still quite a ways off so we still have time to learn and prepare as much as we can for all that next year will bring. Oh, and if you have any thoughts on how to best introduce cats to a new baby, let me know!! Thanks for being excited with us!!

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August 23, 2016

Snaps From Home

Hi All! Just wanted to share a few snapshots from home lately as we settle back into a more “regular” life for a bit. It’s always an adjustment to go from living alone to being a household with 2 adults all of the sudden, but we’ll figure it out! We’ve been trying to read more lately and Todd’s been into this amazing coffee table book about Wes Anderson’s movies that I got him last year. It’s got so many beautiful behind the scenes photos, drawings, and inspirations for all his films—it’s a really fun read and kind of a must for any WA fan. On my end I’ve been wanting to read the Blue Zone book for years about the areas of the world where people live the longest and I’m about halfway through at the moment. It’s not quite as power-packed with information as I thought it would be based on all the hype, but it’s still an interesting read for sure and I’m glad I’m finally getting around to it.
Also, we recently had the house painted (!!) andI didn’t tell Todd I was actually having it done while he was on tour so he came home after tour to a very different looking house! You can see a bit of the before and after here…After a bit of a backyard makeover we’ve been extra excited to hang out outside and catch a bit of whatever is left of the summer. Side by side lawn chairs and a good book isn’t a bad way to spend a Saturday, let me tell you…Charlie is so happy her favorite guy is home!Anyways, nothing too crazy going on here but after this touring year so far, that’s the way I like it!signature2 copy

August 9, 2016

If At First You Don’t Succeed, Paint, Paint Again…

If I have learned one thing from being on my second house renovation it’s that you don’t always get it right the first time. Sometimes things don’t turn out how you planned or maybe you just don’t like it once you get what you thought you wanted. I couldn’t wait to paint our bathroom when we first moved into this house but I rushed picking the color and ended up with a grey that looked really purple in sunlight and I just wasn’t happy with it. I think I left it for so long because I was tired of painting (we were painting the whole house at the time) and I just felt too tired to think up a new vision for the master bath. Fast forward about 8 months later and Dutch Boy Paint contacted me to see if I would like to partner with them for a room makeover featuring their Refresh® Paint + Primer with Arm & Hammer® Odor Eliminating Technology. When they asked me if I had a certain room in mind to paint, all I could think was, “boy, do I ever!”Dutch Boy makes the painting process smoother with their easy to open Twist & Pour container (the built in spout and handle are also great for pouring). When it comes to painting tools, an angled brush like Purdy’s Clearcut Glide is a must for me when cutting in a room. The brush has sharp edges for a smooth cut and helps make the job so much easier. To paint the walls, I used Purdy’s Revolution Frame and White Dove Roller Cover. This roller releases the paint evenly for an even smooth finish so you avoid any weird streaky lines or bare spots.

I still wanted a really light color to keep the small bathroom feeling bright and as spacious as possible, so I picked this really pretty light mint called Dutch Boy Aqua Quartz (DW53) as the new shade.
The nice thing about Refresh paint is that it actually reduces household odors and has a mildew resistant property, so that seemed perfect for painting a bathroom. Also, I definitely noticed that the “paint fumes” smell was not as strong as usual and by the time I went to bed I couldn’t even smell the paint anymore (which is great since the bathroom is right by my bed!). It’s also GREENGUARD® Gold Certified for Indoor Air Quality which goes along with my current regiment of trying to keep our indoor air as clean as possible—yay!

Such a soothing color, isn’t it? The super soft mint was just what I needed to inspire me to switch out a few other decorative items and finally add this room to the “finished column.” Now it feels beachy and calming and is a beautiful place to start and end my day. Have you ever immediately regretted a design choice? Hope you got a chance to correct it like I did!signature2 copy

July 27, 2016

Endless Bummer

Summer is my favorite time of year. Yes, it’s hot, too hot most of the time, but my dad was a school teacher and our whole house became electric during the summer months. Dad was home! Swimming pools! Popsicles and ice cream! Fireworks and county fairs! I think for that reason I still have the mentality even as an adult that summer just plain rules. That’s why I was especially bummed when I found out that Todd would be home for a total of 5 days from the end of May to the middle of August. I mean, it’s always good for him to be working, but I just have a major case of thissucksformeitis. This is also our first real summer in Nashville and I really wanted to experience it all with my bestie. I say “real” summer because while we moved last July, we only saw the inside of the DMV and Home Depot for the first few months. Lame. I had so much fun going to see my first concerts since moving to the Music City a few weeks ago (Weezer and Flight of the Conchords) but I always listened to or watched those with Todd so the experiences felt kind of incomplete without him there. No one to take walks with at night when it finally cools down, no one to watch fireflies with in the back yard, no one to sit with like a lazy slug on the couch because it’s literally too humid to breathe outside…anyways, I know I can do all those things by myself or with a friend, but it sort of falls into that weird band wife category of “building a life with someone only to not have them around to actually live that life with” a lot of the time. It can be hard to go back and forth between modes so often and so fast.

Anyways, this post tile is actually a track off of Weezer’s new album which also, incidentally, has my “summer song” on it as well. It’s a Beach Boys inspired summer love song called “(Girl We Got a) Good Thing” and I love that it mixes two of my favorite band’s sounds together. I was so bummed that Todd couldn’t see Weezer with me, but we have tickets for us to go see what will be his first Nashville concert this fall—Bryan Wilson playing the Pet Sounds album! There are several Beach Boys songs that are really special to us and I feel like mentally it’s a really positive thing to look forward to. Maybe we won’t have as many popsicles and pool parties together this summer as I would have liked, but I still need to have a summer that rules while I keep planning a few special nights to look forward to when he returns next month. Fall can be pretty good too, right??

(love that pink lifeguard tower print—good vibes!)

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June 30, 2016


YOU GUYS!!! I have been so excited about this custom neon sign that the awesome peeps over at Electric Confetti have been making for me and it’s finally here!! I have always drooled over those amazing neon signs on Pinterest and I can’t believe I finally have my very own. I love the pink, that it’s about pizza, the lucite backing, the gold chain (added by me)—this. sign. is. everything!

I think when you are trying to make a house your own it can be hard to find those few unique things that really make a room or area stand out, but this is for sure one of those items. I also love that it comes with a remote so you can turn it on different brightnesses and flashing modes. How fun will this be at our next party!? Anyways, I’ve been so excited about it I just wanted to share it with you! Check out Electric Confetti’s shop (or have your own custom made) if you are looking for a stand out piece too! I’ve also had my eye on this sign as well….signature2 copy