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March 1, 2017

Date Night At The Grand Ole Opry!

If you’ve been following along on the blog or Instagram the last few months, you guys know that lately life has felt busy. I mean, I’ve had a full calendar before, but it’s a whole new speed working and preparing for our May baby. We’ve started doing our birth classes recently, and while they are really interesting and I love being in a place where I can ask lots of questions, it’s quite a full Saturday when you’re learning all about babies from 9am-4pm a few weeks in a row. I definitely needed a nice chill Saturday night after the first week so when the Grand Ole Opry asked if I wanted to partner with them and offered to host a date night for us to see a show, I quickly picked out the next Saturday night show knowing it would be a welcome relief from all the baby-learnin’ in the following class.

Can you believe that we’ve been in Nashville for 2 years this summer and still hadn’t been to the Grand Ole Opry? There are definitely some things that you feel like you just need to do to be an official Nashvillian because they are such Nashville staples (like going to Loveless Cafe or visiting Broadway on a weekend night) and going to the Grand Ole Opry is pretty high on that list as well. I also wanted to see the show that Saturday because one of the guest performers was CeCe Winans, and if you’ve never really heard or seen her sing before, well, she’s pretty amazing so I was really looking forward to that.
In true pregnant-lady fashion I also scoped out the concession stand offerings before we left for the show and was disappointed to see my go-to pregnancy craving was missing from the list—soft pretzels and nacho cheese! I love venue hot dogs too so I thought I would just settle for that, but once we arrived, lo and behold, they DID also sell my coveted pretzel and the day was saved!! Todd is the king of food stealers, but he knows better than to eat my pretzel. GET CHER OWN! This one is for Mama…The Opry show is divided into several sections that have different hosts and performers for each section so it’s kind of like several mini shows within one big show which is fun. The night we went had acts that varied from pop, to pop/country, to cowboy/country, to bluegrass, to gospel…a pretty wide range! I grew up listening to a lot of bluegrass since it’s one of my Dad’s favorite genres and we would even go to bluegrass festivals and whatnot so that sound has always had a kind of comforting vibe for me. And those harmonies are cra-zy.
Let me tell you, CeCe did not disappoint—she was amazing! I guess it was her first time performing there (you have to be officially invited to be a performer) and she was the only one of the night to get a full standing ovation from the crowd. Girl can sing.After the show we got to go backstage and get a tour and history of the dressing rooms (of which there are many!) that all have different themes they go off of. It was fun to see that in our relatively large group we were the only people that lived in the state and some people had come from Canada just to come to the show. It’s pretty famous, y’all!

I also had no idea that the show started in 1925 over 90 years ago. That’s a crazy long run for one show! In case you are ever visiting in town, they have live shows at least every Friday and Saturday, year round, and each show is streamed live at 650 AM WSM, via, on Sirius XM Satellite Radio, and also via the free Opry App too so you can still listen in even if you aren’t Tennessee-bound anytime soon.

This dressing room had a lot of bedazzle sooo I think I’d take this one if it were up to me. Also, do you see that rhinestone fringe on the red chair? Amazing!Speaking of fringe, I wore a suede dress with fringe on the front and back to the show to fit the Opry theme (although this fringe dress or jacket would have been a good choice too). I know some people haaaate fringe, but I’m not one of them!
At the end of the tour they let you stand on the famous circle of wood taken from the Ryman theater (where the show used to take place) and where all the big performers stood back in the day. It was really cute to see how excited everyone was to take their turn and get their picture taken and you could tell it was something they had really been looking forward to for a while.

I was so glad that we finally got a chance to cross the Opry off our Nashville bucket list and see how fun the show can be. I’ll definitely suggest that my parents head over and catch a show next time they are in town to hear the great bluegrass acts and maaaaaybe, just maybe, I can convince them to pick me up a soft pretzel on the way out…thanks for the night out Opry!

December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas from the Gummermans! We are up in Pittsburgh with my family this morning and later today we are going to open the envelope from our sonogram and find out if that baby that’s been kicking me is a boy or girl—AGGGHHHHHIMSOEXCITED!!!!!

Wishing you and your family love and peace that extends far into 2017. Merry Christmas!!
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December 22, 2016

Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town

Only a few more days until Christmas! I just wanted to share a few shots with you from our Christmas decorating night earlier this month and show you what our holiday home has looked like lately. Putting up the tree with Sinatra singing and hot chocolate in hand is always one of my favorite nights of the year and hanging pretty ornaments under soft Christmas light is so cathartic for some magical reason.

I love the 60’s Corvette Stingray light-up sign that I made for the mantel this year—it turned out just how I pictured it in my head! I still use a lot of the holiday DIYs that I’ve made in past years too like my gold leather stockings, kitty paw stockings, and diamond ornaments so it’s like bringing out old friends to mix in with some new goodies.
The peppermint schnapps is just for Todd, so don’t freak out ok!! I got extra whipped cream though…Belly shot!Finally found a cool manger scene that matches my decor—it’s harder to find than you’d think! I went to Israel for almost a month to complete my Master of Theology back in 2011 and while it’s amusing to point out all the theological inaccuracies in classic American Christmas manger scenes (well, amusing to Theology nerds that is), the memories of seeing first century Jewish homes are always fresh in my mind as I picture the first Christmas night.We have Todd’s ornaments from when he was a kid but I usually hang them on the fridge or display them somewhere else since they don’t match the tree scheme. Feels a little exclusive but my Mom is the sweetest lady on earth and she did (and still does) the same thing to us with our ornaments! All the ones made of popsicle sticks had a different holiday home for the season…We usually get a fun holiday ornament at our A Beautiful Mess Christmas party each year and this time I got a pink drill and Todd received a monkey playing video games—both perfect choices! Christmas decor is such a bright spot for me in the middle of winter. Can I leave all this up until summer? PLEASE??signature2 copy

December 7, 2016
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Making Time for Mini Dates!

As my pregnancy progresses I’m trying as much as I can to still be aware of all the other important things in life than can easily be forgotten in the swirl of registry-making, book-reading, nursery-planning, and general research on the best stroller, etc. One of the most important areas to still focus on is getting in some good quality time with Todd whenever possible. I mean, I don’t usually have to concentrate on that real hard since he’s usually a.) not here to hang out with, or, b.) finally here and that’s all I want to do anyways since I missed him. With having him home a lot this fall (the best thing about “writing season” between albums for sure!) it’s totally possible to get used to him being around and then not make as much effort for little dates or outings like I normally would when time together is so short. Obviously I’m aware that having a baby can/will challenge your relationship a lot so I want to make sure we’re in a healthy place now beforehand and also enjoy our time together while we can.

That being said, I’m trying to be extra conscious of making time for little coffee or brunch dates throughout the week to soak up the togetherness and talk about whatever’s been on our mind lately (although lately for me, most everything on my mind is baby related so I have to try hard to not have that be the only thing I talk about!).
      Cat Dress/Romwe, Boots/Public Desire, Pink Jacket/Zara, Bag/Zara (last year), Hat/Target

We are also working on planning a babymoon trip maybe next month while I can still fly so that would be a fantastic thing to look forward to as well. I have literally no idea what Todd’s schedule will be like next year but I do know in this line of work that if you want to go on a trip and have an opening, you should GO! I’ll let you know where we decide once it’s finalized!signature2 copy

November 5, 2016

Month By Month: The First Trimester!

Hi Dolls! It’s a big relief to finally have announced our big secret to everyone and I don’t have to hide my bump in photos anymore—phew! While I’ve been sucking it in for the camera in some situations, I’ve also been taking a monthly photo to document the growing bump each month and we finally have the first trimester complete!                                                  Dress/Forever 21, Shoes/Shoe Mint
Month One: I found out I was pregnant when I was 4 weeks along (more on that story and how I told Todd later) but it was quite a whirlwind of a week to make sure it was true, tell Todd, and already be touring hospitals and birth centers to see what felt right for us—talk about an out-of-body experience! The first few weeks of knowing involved no nausea, some insomnia in the morning (waking up way earlier than usual!), and just an odd outward pressure in my belly I hadn’t felt before. Not too bad as far as symptoms go! I still felt scared at times hoping Baby was healthy, but it mostly just felt surreal overall.                                                Romper/Nasty Gal, Shoes/Shoe Mint
Month Two: Oh man, this is where all the nausea kicked in! All the sudden I was throwing up out of car doors, barely making it home from stores to be sick, and just feeling generally miserable with intense nausea for 14 hours a day. I couldn’t move, couldn’t talk, and even though I felt like crying most of the time, you’d be surprised how much crying moves your stomach so even that made me feel worse! Also, all the sudden I could smell everything and 99.9% of the smells I could suddenly detect were not pleasant to me. It’s funny now but there were days when just the smell of my own body nauseated me but my deodorant made me more sick, so what’s a girl to do?? Sigh. I also swore that even the freezer suddenly smelled (which Todd said was impossible), but I put baking soda in there anyways since I had to hold my breath when I opened the door. The insomnia switched from the morning to late-night when I was trying to fall asleep (usually a pretty easy task for me) so I spent 1-2 hours per night laying awake, feeling terrible, just waiting to doze off. I have to admit that there were lots of nights spent wondering if I could do it all again the next day, but I’d usually look at Todd and ask “Is this forever?!?” and he would assure me it was a limited time deal. Also, I tried to remember that while it was so much tougher than I ever imagined it being, it was for a pretty great cause and I wanted to remain grateful for that.                                              Dress/Forever 21, Shoes/Public Desire
Month Three: While the intense ability to smell calmed down a bit, the nausea and puking still hung around but my midwives finally found me a medicine that helps a lot some days and that’s been a welcome relief!! It’s tough not knowing when you’ll have a good or bad day (even minute to minute I can swing the opposite direction pretty quickly!) but I just felt grateful for any hours I felt more like myself. This was also the month we heard the heartbeat for the first time and saw a sonogram at 12 weeks so that was a pretty special feeling as well. I had some light spotting a few times in my second month so I actually cried more once we left the sonogram than during just out of sheer relief to see Baby moving around so much—tears of thankfulness for sure! Due to the all-day nausea in the second month (and my new bloodhound smelling abilities) I was eating way worse than I normally would just to find anything I could eat and keep down, so I tried in the third month to get in more salads and healthy options when I could stomach it. I’ve learned to not beat myself up too much for a dinner of buttered noodles and toast—it’s not forever and at least I ate something!!There are some fun parts to keeping such a sweet secret to yourself in the beginning of a pregnancy, but overall I’m glad that everyone knows now and we can share our joy with family and friends. Here’s hoping the tough symptoms of the first trimester continue to ease up as we move into the second!

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