July 30, 2014
6 Comments The Cat's Me-Outfit

The Cat’s Me-Outfit

My two main hobbies are clothes and cats, so of course, anything that combines the two will most likely be snatched up the moment my eyes make contact with it in the store. I had seen this amazing cat face bodysuit on the Forever 21 website a few months ago, but thought, “There’s no way […]

March 18, 2018
6 Comments Whatever Lola Wants...

Whatever Lola Wants…

This busy bee is 10 months old and standing all on her own like a champ! I think she still doesn’t totally understand that if she takes a step she¬†can walk, but I’m pretty sure she’ll figure it out any day now since she can bend down to pick things up and go right back […]

February 12, 2018
7 Comments Whatever Lola Wants...

Whatever Lola Wants…

…Lola gets? Well, it’s obviously her Mom wanting these things, but the post title is just too good to pass up. I spend waaay more time looking at items for Lola then I do for me. I would have thought before I had a baby that would be a bad sign that I was “losing […]

January 26, 2018
23 Comments Help! How's A Mom Supposed to Workout?!

Help! How’s A Mom Supposed to Workout?!

Man, I knew it would be hard to find time as a working Mom to workout, but gollygeewhiz it’s so hard to find the time to do anything in that category. When I was still on maternity leave I could go during Lola’s morning nap to a local workout class that designed for new Moms […]

December 29, 2017
4 Comments A Nashville Christmas!

A Nashville Christmas!

Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas! While I did miss my family a lot, it was actually pretty fun to just have the 3 of us here on Christmas morning. We facetimed with my family after opening presents and it actually really did help to feel like they were there for a bit. Even […]