January 17, 2018

Lola’s Nursery Tour!

Is it weird that Lola’s nursery is my favorite room in the house to hang out in? When designing this room in my head I knew I wanted it to feel fun, sweet, and peaceful while matching the color scheme and aesthetic vibe of the rest of the house. We spend a lot of time in this sweet room and I’m so glad that I spent so much time making it special for her— all the effort was totally worth it in the end!I wasn’t sure if I really needed a glider before she was born, but let me tell you, I’m so glad that we got the one we did. It’s super comfortable and I still nurse her in it daily and in the middle of the night as well so it’s nice to have it rock so easily with just a tiny bit of motion (which is all I can muster at 4am anyway). I actually just recovered a plain footstool with furry fabric to use at the base of it and I added a gold planter in the corner behind it and a gold side table (an old Target find) to bring some more gold into that area as well. I wanted an area to add a few photos and knick-knacks and this marble and gold shelf is perfect for the space. I have her baby bracelets from the hospital next to that wooden rainbow and a few wooden animals help complete the look (love that little dino!). I’m so glad that I decided to do a dresser with a changing table top instead of a separate changing table (we use this changing pad). It definitely saves on space in a smaller room and she can use it as a real dresser right from the start as well! I have a few changing pad covers (definitely something you want to have more than one of!) but that watercolor cactus cover is my favorite right now. I got Lola that leopard coat for Christmas and it’s SO cute on her. Maybe I’ll get her this version for the warmer months too!I wanted a special light for Lola’s room and that Perla chandelier is so amazing. Almost every light in my house is from that shop. I also wanted to create custom closet doors for her room and those starburst doors fit perfectly with the overall vibe. I had so many books on my baby registry that people we laughing at me during my shower. I love books and I have so many favorites and special memories of being read to as a kid so I wanted to make sure we taught Lola how to love reading as well. That amazing house bookcase is the perfect spot to keep a bunch of them within reach and lately her favorite thing is pulling them all off the shelves she can reach while I read to her.  Since we don’t have extra space on her dresser top for diaper necessities I added a diaper cart next to the dresser to store her wipes and nail clippers and what not. We use cloth diapers most of the time (read more about our cloth diaper routine) but I keep disposables on hand for babysitters or ill timed diaper laundry days. Also, that diaper pail is awesome!
The hand painted wallpaper was quite the project but it’s my favorite thing about the room—it’s so personalized! Another sweet detail I love is that kitty hamper (Pottery Barn Kids item from last year) and I made that lion bust for her as well, I think he has such a kind little face. This crib is basically the crib of my dreams (sold out from Land Of Nod, similar here)! Lucite sides make it look like the crib is floating in midair and it has three adjustable heights and a toddler rail to use on the front to turn it into a big kid bed later—so cool! We also got an organic mattress and pad and those banana sheets (also organic!) are literally, well, bananas!! That large print above her bed is a digital print that I altered a bit and I love how it adds a bit of drama to the space and Funny Girl is my favorite movie so the quote is just perfect (similar gold side table here). And could I have a nursery without a cactus pillow? Probably not!  What’s cuter than a baby in pajamas?? These are on my wishlist for when they come back in stock in her size.Lola is just now big enough to ride that lion rocker (with a little help of course!) and as you can see she loves it! I’m also so glad that we have a soft and beautiful rug that is machine washable too! Such a big help in a baby’s room for sure and I love the giant pink tassels on each end. I’m sure that Lola will eventually be helping to pick out things for her own room buuut until then I’ll just have fun being in charge of the space while she doesn’t seem to mind 😉

xo. Laura

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13 thoughts on “Lola’s Nursery Tour!

  1. Lindsay

    I love this post, as we’re expecting our first this May!! – but most of the links via “Shareasale” aren’t active! I’d love to be able to source a lot of the linked items.

    1. thebandwifeblog Post author

      So sorry! Something is happening with Land Of Nod’s site I guess, they should all work now!


  2. Joy

    Love to read your updates. My bebe was born in April, so I love reading about what Lola is up to and what toys she’s loving these days. Her little fur coat is too adorable. I have a son and I’m not sure he can pull that off, but I do try to push the envelope with his fashion. 😉 We just bought the inglesina chair you have and I can’t wait to get him out of his pumpkin seat when we go to eat next. xo

  3. Annie

    Love the tour!

    Not sure if you’ve already answered this question, but do you try and keep the cats out of Lola’s room at night/do you keep an eye on them when she’s around them?

    We have a rescue cat who is a bit feisty and am wondering how to deal with the cat and a baby!

    Thanks 🙂

    1. thebandwifeblog Post author

      Yes! We keep her door shut when sleeping so no cats end up in the crib and if we see her going to “pet” them we make sure we are helping her. It’s possible that if she pulled their fur they could try and scratch out of defense so we just want to be careful as she learns to pet gently!


  4. Drummer's Wife

    Lola is SOOOOOO CUUUUUUTE!!! and so is her room! 😀 These pictures and blog posts make me smile! Your whole house is so cute!!!

    BTW, I really like Todd’s guitar solo on “Placed on Hold” (listening to that album today 🙂 ) Back in 2015 we got to talk to him in Portland and heard how challenging it was to learn both Greg’s and Roy’s guitar styles when first joining the band, and THEN he had to pick up more guitar parts for the Vitals songs! We love what he’s done lately with his pedal board on “Reset.” He’s a good sport and a talented musician! 🙂

  5. Julieta

    Hi Laura!! amazing room!!!
    One question, the pink basket on your diaper cart, Where can I get one like that?
    I LOVE it but can’t find one like that one?


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