January 13, 2017

Baby Girl Wishlist!

I had been holding off on shopping too much for wearable baby items until we knew if Gummerbaby was a boy or girl, but know that we know we have a girl on the way all bets are off so let the shopping begin! Since it’s still January and we are expecting Bebe to show up in early May, it’s been a little hard to find items that feel really summery at this point in the season, but I know more of that will be coming out soon. In the meantime, here are a few of my favorite things that I’ve found so far!

 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12

I adore a summer romper for myself so I think I’ll have a big weakness for the baby versions too. It may be a little longer before she can fit into those high tops, but they are just too cute and I desperately wish they sold that sweatsuit set in my size—it’s killing me! If you have any favorite brands for baby clothes, let me know, I’d love to check them out!

January 10, 2017

Palm Springs, Here We Come!

You may remember a few weeks back that I said we were hoping to take a Babymoon trip someplace warm while I was still in my second trimester, and we finally decided to go to Palm Springs! If you’ve seen my house it may be a bit of a shock to you that I haven’t already been to the mid-century-lover’s oasis, but this is my first trip out to Palm Springs and I’m SO excited. I originally was trying to find a beach destination for the trip, buuuut the US beaches weren’t quite warm enough yet in January (the water would be cold too in a lot of spots) and looking at flying south of Florida or Hawaii was getting expensive so we decided to save the beach for later and finally make it out to the desert. I’ve been trying to shop for this trip ever since I thought it might be a possibility and let me tell you that it has not been easy! There’s a lot of boxes you’re trying to check off when shopping for such a colorful town and in the middle of winter and for a pregnant lady. If I didn’t already count swimsuit shopping as one of the nine circles of hell, let’s add the 24 weeks preggo component and see how that goes…

Anyways, we leave later this week and we are hoping for great weather and some much needed relaxation. We are also meeting up with 3 other couple pals and sharing a house so it should be a blast—can’t wait!!

(Top photo by Slim Aarons)

January 6, 2017

It’s A Gummergirl!!

IT’S A GIRL!!! On the one hand I totally knew it (seconds after seeing the positive pregnancy test I had this overwhelming feeling out of nowhere that it was a girl) but Todd has been 100% convinced the baby is a boy so lately I’d been believing it too! We had our 21 week sonogram right before we traveled up to Pennsylvania for the holidays and did the whole “we-don’t-want-to-know-yet-please-write-it-in-a-card” thing so we could do a gender reveal at my parents house on Christmas day. We took our secret card up to a local grocery store that also sold balloons on Christmas Eve to have them fill up the appropriate color balloons (and place them in a few black trash bags for secrecy), and while everything worked out in the end, let’s just say that it was NOT the easiest thing to explain the concept of a “secret gender reveal balloon strategy” to two men in their 60’s in the middle of a produce department.

“Ok, so I need 10 blue balloons if it says boy and 10 pink balloons if it says girl…”
“So you need 20 balloons.”
“No, just 10 balloons. 10 blue if it’s a boy, 10 pink if it’s a girl—”
“Ok so 20 balloons, but how do I know what it is?”
“Just 10 balloons and I have a card that says what it is.”
“Well where’s the card?”
“I have it in my purse.”
“Well I need to see it.”
“Ok, but we don’t want to know what it says…”
(He starts to open the card right next to me)

It felt like I was recreating my own version of “Who’s On First” or that I was in the middle of a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode and I was playing Larry David. Needless to say, when we came back in to pay for the balloons there were 20 balloons waiting for us. 10 blue and 10 pink. ER. MER. GERD. Todd communicated what we needed to them again and they went around the corner and sorted out just the color that matched the card and put them in the black garbage bags. We had my brother’s friend double check that they actually matched the card that night and she was the one that put them in a giant box for us for the reveal so everyone else could still be surprised. Thanks Jessica!!

While I enjoyed Christmas morning with my family just as much as I normally would, I did feel a little anxious to get to the reveal later in the day. Eventually we had more of our extended family drop by and finally it was showtime!! They brought out this giant gold box with a bow on top and on the count of 3, 2, 1 Todd and I ripped through the top and out sprung pink balloons!! It felt like they took forever to rise out of the box because everything went in slow motion all of the sudden and I just felt this wave of happiness (and shock!) roll over me and I just started to cry. A GIRL! Todd was so surprised that he said all he could think when the balloons came out was, “Huh, why aren’t those blue balloons dark enough?” Ha! For the rest of the night we couldn’t believe it—we were so wrong! I will say though that it’s been fun to poll people throughout the pregnancy to see what others thought it would be, and even from early on we probably had about 85% of people say “girl” so I guess we should have listened to them!

Another reason we were so surprised at the result is that we did one of those gender blood tests that you can order online and it said “boy” on that test. I had come to hear several stories of “those tests are totally not reliable” after we sent in the test so I was trying not to rely on it, but based on how surprised I was at the reveal, I guess I believed it more than I thought I did!
Jacket/ Zara (similar here), Shoes/ Public Desire, Dress/ Forever 21 (similar here), Hat/H&M 

We are slowly starting to picture our life with a little Gummergirl come this May, and while I’m still dreaming of a girl version of Todd, he got all googley-eyed over pictures of me as a blondie toddler so I think we have competing images in our brains—I guess we’ll see soon enough! Now to think of some names…

December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas from the Gummermans! We are up in Pittsburgh with my family this morning and later today we are going to open the envelope from our sonogram and find out if that baby that’s been kicking me is a boy or girl—AGGGHHHHHIMSOEXCITED!!!!!

Wishing you and your family love and peace that extends far into 2017. Merry Christmas!!
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December 22, 2016

Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town

Only a few more days until Christmas! I just wanted to share a few shots with you from our Christmas decorating night earlier this month and show you what our holiday home has looked like lately. Putting up the tree with Sinatra singing and hot chocolate in hand is always one of my favorite nights of the year and hanging pretty ornaments under soft Christmas light is so cathartic for some magical reason.

I love the 60’s Corvette Stingray light-up sign that I made for the mantel this year—it turned out just how I pictured it in my head! I still use a lot of the holiday DIYs that I’ve made in past years too like my gold leather stockings, kitty paw stockings, and diamond ornaments so it’s like bringing out old friends to mix in with some new goodies.
The peppermint schnapps is just for Todd, so don’t freak out ok!! I got extra whipped cream though…Belly shot!Finally found a cool manger scene that matches my decor—it’s harder to find than you’d think! I went to Israel for almost a month to complete my Master of Theology back in 2011 and while it’s amusing to point out all the theological inaccuracies in classic American Christmas manger scenes (well, amusing to Theology nerds that is), the memories of seeing first century Jewish homes are always fresh in my mind as I picture the first Christmas night.We have Todd’s ornaments from when he was a kid but I usually hang them on the fridge or display them somewhere else since they don’t match the tree scheme. Feels a little exclusive but my Mom is the sweetest lady on earth and she did (and still does) the same thing to us with our ornaments! All the ones made of popsicle sticks had a different holiday home for the season…We usually get a fun holiday ornament at our A Beautiful Mess Christmas party each year and this time I got a pink drill and Todd received a monkey playing video games—both perfect choices! Christmas decor is such a bright spot for me in the middle of winter. Can I leave all this up until summer? PLEASE??signature2 copy