May 22, 2018
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Whatever Lola Wants

For obvious reasons, that photo above is one of my favorites of all time! She’s just too delicious for words! I linked those overalls in the last “Whatever Lola Wants” and I did have to hem them a little since she’s a bit shorter than average (like her Mama) but I did it with a large stitch so I can let them down later as she gets taller since they are pretty stretchy too. Since it’s been waaay hotter than you would think for May we’ve jumped rather quickly to summer clothes recently, so here’s what I’ve been loving for her lately:

This sunhat is sooo cute on her but it was giant (probably better for 2 year old) so I have to send it back! Since I definitely need a hat that ties if I want any chance of her keeping it on, I’m going to try this one next!

-Just bought this sewing pattern to make some baby summer rompers! I’m hoping to go really good at it so I can make a couple in one sitting rather quickly.

-It’s been a little tough finding sandals that don’t get in her way while she’s trying to walk, but I think I’m going to give these a try! Ohh, actually, lemme add these on too….

-I still love prints like this and the sleeveless romper may be a good option for indoor summer air conditioning situations.

-Babies with bell sleeves?? Yes please.

-Lola got some pretty great gifts from my family this past weekend for her birthday: I can’t wait to use this in the pool, put her in this romper, and she’s been using this swing outside for a few weeks now and she laughs so hard when we swing her!

-It’s getting too hot for Lola to wear long sleeve footed pajamas to bed so I think I need to get her some shorter summer pajamas so she doesn’t overheat at night.

I love that she can cruise around the house in just a onesie or a diaper with the warmer weather. There’s something about seeing a baby in the grass in bare feet and just a diaper that makes me feel like we live on a farm and I kind of love it! Of course I love to put her in cute outfits, but we also went to the thrift store recently to snag some play clothes that can get as dirty as Lola wants to be (which is usually pretty dirty actually!) and I think that was a pretty good decision. Let kids be kids, right?

xo. Laura

May 18, 2018

Gearing Up For Father’s Day!

Although I’ve only seen Todd in a parent role for a little over a year now, I already know that he’s probably the better parent for sure (well, at least way more calm and fun than I am!). He’s patient, always gentle, makes everything into a game, and gets Lola to laugh the hardest of anybody else by far. He’s, simply put, a really great dad. Right now Lola spends her weekdays in Daddy Daycare while I work full time from home but since he also works out of a studio attached to our home (we converted the detached one car garage into his studio) he gets to be close to us when he’s working on music during naps or after dinner. Since Father’s Day is coming up, Lola and I decided to surprise Todd a little early with some personalized gifts that I like to call the “Classic Dad” package—a mug and a mousepad from Snapfish! While his musical ventures and producing do involve a lot of music playing and writing, I also know how much time is spent in front of his computer listening to and remixing songs for hours on end. So, in that vein, he’s definitely going to need some inspiration while he’s out there and what better than sweet little Lola’s face to spur him on to greatness, right? We love that picture with her and her baby headphones at Austin City Limits Festival back in the fall when we visited Todd on tour—it’s was a little crazy having a 5 month old at an outdoor, super hot, music festival, but she was a champ for sure. And that photo on the mousepad is one that our friend Elsie took and it’s one of our favorite photos of her ever—those eyes!!

To help you find your best Father’s Day gift, I’ve teamed up with Snapfish to offer you guys a 40% code that you can use sitewide through 6/30/18! Just used the code GIFT4DAD to create your own thoughtful gift. They even have playing cards you can add a photo to—I almost did that one since Todd is a big poker player. Anyways, I’m sure you have photos that will melt the heart of a certain Dad you know, so create something personalized and fun to show them how much you care!

xo. Laura

*This post was sponsored by Snapfish and all opinions are my own—thanks for helping to support this blog and our family!

May 16, 2018
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My Everyday Makeup Routine!

I love seeing what other products my friends can’t live without in their beauty boxes and I get a lot of questions about the makeup I wear on a regular basis so I thought an updated makeup routine post would be just the thing to pass along my favorites to any of you gals who want to try something new! I’ll break it down into categories and I have a few options in each that I toggle through based on mood/outfit so some categories have a few favorites to choose from. As as an added note, I try to use only products that are natural and non-toxic whenever I can but I have a few things on the list that are more conventional items that still have relatively low toxicity scores on EWG (still looking for a good replacement for those items). Just assume it’s natural and non-toxic unless I say otherwise…

Foundation: This is my favorite concealer for under the eyes and redness that can appear on my chin. It covers really well but doesn’t make my skin dry which can happen easily (I used 14 Sand). Once I apply that, I use a large brush and this loose foundation (in Natural) which gives me a nice airbrushed look. I used to use a pretty toxic loose powder and then I found this one that’s even recommended by the EWG so it’s super natural. Then I use one of 3 bronzers and this brush: either this loose powder one for more of a precise contoured look (in Caribbean, I tap it into an old empty NARS compact so I can get it onto my brush), this pressed one for a good matte everyday bronzed look (in Honalulu), or this pressed option that has a little more dimension and some shimmer added as well (in Moonglow). I also use this highlighter bronzer stick on my cheekbones, chin, and down the bridge of my nose if I want a bit more of that dewy feel.

Mascara: So my ultimate favorite mascara is this one! I don’t have a ton of lashes but this definitely helps me get them as longer and thicker than any other natural mascara I’ve tried. This one is a close second but I love that it smells amazing (like vanilla and coffee) so there’s kind of an added joy from the scent on that one!

Eyeliner: This is the category where I haven’t found an awesome all-natural alternative yet, but I’ve been using this liner and this liquid liner forever and I just don’t want to switch unless something beats how good these are.

Brow Tools: I found this pencil about 6 months ago and I love it to draw in my brows (I use the lighter shade). I still like the highlighter side of this duo pencil best for everyday use under the eyebrow on the brow bone since there’s no shimmer or shine in it, but if I want something a little fancier this is a more shimmery highlight pencil and it has a good white side to accent the inside corners and lower lid of your eyes to look more awake. When I want a really defined brow, I also use a discontinued Ulta brow shadow duo and an angled brush to really get the shape precise and then I brush it out so it softens the brows and they don’t look too severe. Guess I need to get a new one of those if they aren’t making it anymore! I don’t think that one is all that natural though, so it’s probably for the best!

Eyeshadow: I don’t always wear eyeshadow everyday, but when I do it’s either this multi kit with the light taupe across the lid and the darker brown in the crease or this shimmery rich color (in Dawn) that has a little more shine. I tend to keep the shadow more simple and do a pop on my lip if I want to add some color.

Lips: Ok, this one is definitely the most asked question so I’ll list the ones I was probably wearing if you liked my lip color in a photo. This is my fave light pink shade and I like this (in Pink Kashmir) for a brighter pop of color. I probably use this most for an everyday color (in Tulip Tide) although sometimes I layer colors to get a new color as well!

Annnnnd there you have a finished face above! I don’t like to take a ton of time if I can help it so I like processes that are quick and easy! Hope you found something new to add to your everyday routine!

xo. Laura

April 16, 2018

Whatever Lola Wants…

Saw a little bear face unicorn toast on Pinterest and I couldn’t resist! I used blackberries and tumeric to make the different colors of Tofutti cream cheese before decorating it with the face (blueberries, banana slices and a raisin). Lola has grown out of almost all the tops and shoes she has in the past few weeks, so I’ve had to shop a bit to restock and here’s some goodies that I found along the way:

This may be the best thing I’ve seen this year. She’s definitely not quite old enough to appreciate it yet, but I. LOVE. IT!!!

Yeaaahhh, this was ordered in like .02 seconds!

With summer just around the corner, not sure if we should get her a cute swimsuit and put a swim diaper under it or just do something like this instead.

GAH! Ordered these little pink jeans and I really hope they fit!

Such a cute print

Should probably get her one of these eventually since she’s seen me with the real thing all the time (and usually pointed at her).

I’ve been waiting until she could stand/walk to do some jumpsuits like this, so maybe now I can finally get a pair!

I’ve been trying to find a gold sandal option for her for summer, but are styles like this comfortable for babies or do you want a front like this instead?

She’s grown out of almost all her shoes so I ordered more of these in several colors in the next size up. They are so easy to put on her and they are super grippy on the bottom so she can walk really well in them too.

Lola is getting better and better at walking and taking a few steps here and there! She can now walk between us when we hold her hands (which feels like a pretty big deal) so my heart is really feeling that “you’re growing up so fast” pain these past few weeks. Lola’s first birthday is next month too, so I guess I need to start shopping for that as well! You guys, it really does go so fast…

xo. Laura

April 10, 2018
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Making Baby’s Mealtime Easy with Raised Real!

So, you guys may already know that we do baby-led weaning with Lola and while I love so many things about that eating style, mealtimes are certainly more work in general with all the bibs, highchair and floor cleanings, and making sure that we are either making food she can eat too (modifying it as needed for her) or making her a different meal if ours won’t work for her for some reason. While we try and eat healthy and homemade plant-based meals as often as we can, there are definitely times in the week when we are either too exhausted to cook dinner or out of healthy options so we grab a processed frozen dinner or piece together some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches which always leaves us with the question of, “What’s Lola going to eat?” When Raised Real contacted me about doing a sponsored post, all I could think was “YES, YES, YES!” They make organically-sourced plant-based/vegan meals for babies (free of the top 8 food allergies) that you can either steam and puree or just steam and leave whole if you are doing baby-led weaning like we are. They send you 20 frozen packaged meals with ingredients that are clearly labeled (all in separate BPA-free bags) with a rotating variety of veggies and grains so Baby eats different things and learns to experience new food as well. You can either use one of their small machines that steams and purees or you can make it in a stainless steel steamer on the stove like we usually do to steam her veggies.  You can either make this a continual membership where they deliver every 2 weeks to use as your main meals for Baby, or you can skip deliveries and have less on hand to use like I’ve been doing to help out when you’ve got a gap in your Baby mealtime planning. Either way, this is definitely something that I would love to use in the future to help make parenting easier at times…I mean, who can’t use a little (or a lot!) of help here and there, right? The first 50 people that order a Raised Real box with the code LAURA25 can get $25 off their first order! Give it a try and I hope you love your meals as much as Lola (and we) do!

xo. Laura

*This post was sponsored by Raised Real and all opinions are my own—thanks for helping to support this blog and our family!