July 27, 2016

Endless Bummer

Summer is my favorite time of year. Yes, it’s hot, too hot most of the time, but my dad was a school teacher and our whole house became electric during the summer months. Dad was home! Swimming pools! Popsicles and ice cream! Fireworks and county fairs! I think for that reason I still have the mentality even as an adult that summer just plain rules. That’s why I was especially bummed when I found out that Todd would be home for a total of 5 days from the end of May to the middle of August. I mean, it’s always good for him to be working, but I just have a major case of thissucksformeitis. This is also our first real summer in Nashville and I really wanted to experience it all with my bestie. I say “real” summer because while we moved last July, we only saw the inside of the DMV and Home Depot for the first few months. Lame. I had so much fun going to see my first concerts since moving to the Music City a few weeks ago (Weezer and Flight of the Conchords) but I always listened to or watched those with Todd so the experiences felt kind of incomplete without him there. No one to take walks with at night when it finally cools down, no one to watch fireflies with in the back yard, no one to sit with like a lazy slug on the couch because it’s literally too humid to breathe outside…anyways, I know I can do all those things by myself or with a friend, but it sort of falls into that weird band wife category of “building a life with someone only to not have them around to actually live that life with” a lot of the time. It can be hard to go back and forth between modes so often and so fast.

Anyways, this post tile is actually a track off of Weezer’s new album which also, incidentally, has my “summer song” on it as well. It’s a Beach Boys inspired summer love song called “(Girl We Got a) Good Thing” and I love that it mixes two of my favorite band’s sounds together. I was so bummed that Todd couldn’t see Weezer with me, but we have tickets for us to go see what will be his first Nashville concert this fall—Bryan Wilson playing the Pet Sounds album! There are several Beach Boys songs that are really special to us and I feel like mentally it’s a really positive thing to look forward to. Maybe we won’t have as many popsicles and pool parties together this summer as I would have liked, but I still need to have a summer that rules while I keep planning a few special nights to look forward to when he returns next month. Fall can be pretty good too, right??

(love that pink lifeguard tower print—good vibes!)

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July 19, 2016

Get On the Bus, Gus…

I feel a bit like a yo-yo this summer going back and forth between seeing Todd on tour, but this current tour with Twenty One Pilots is a bit of a long stretch to say the least (almost three months) so I guess back and forth it will be! I was so happy to be able to go out the weekend that I did because we got to be together for our 6-year anniversary and celebrate it with a day off in Austin, TX. Since Todd has quite a bit of time on his hands with all the tour downtime I had him plan our anniversaryextravaganza and he created a day full of thoughtful little trips to get crepes, a rooftop pool, massages, a delicious dinner, and a beautiful historic theater that was playing classic movies. Such a sweet day!
The restaurant he took me to was called Geraldine’s and it was so beautiful! I kept seeing exact items that I have pinned onto Pinterest wish boards (like that black and white tile at their gold bar). I swear there was about 6k worth of lighting fixtures in just the women’s bathroom—it was amazing!

The food was some of the best that we have had in a long time as well. Everything we got was so good, but try the Pig Faced Candy Bar if you ever go—it sounds crazy but it was delish!This visit out was also special because all the wives and kids were out at the same time (which hasn’t ever happened in the five years that Todd’s been with the band). It was so nice (although a bit cramped and crazy at times) to have our little MM family all together and see the kids all play together. #CUTEMATHSpeaking of band babies, there was an ice rink attached to the Dallas arena and my pal Amelia and I apparently had the same vision for what one should wear when ice skating. Her posing skills are off the charts!!

A Twenty One Pilots song came on while skating—HA!

Also, in case you are wondering what the backstage magic looks like at arenas…well, it’s basically a whole lot of gear cases and cinderblock hallways. Pure romance people.

Saturday in Oklahoma City was our actual anniversary day and I didn’t know that the arena was part of a zoo that (wait for it) would give us a VIP tour of the zoo next door!! Todd is a big animal fan (I took him to meet and feed monkeys for his 30th birthday 4 years ago) so it was an extra special treat to get to feed 90-year-old galapagos turtles, get a hug and kiss from a sea lion, see a 2-week-old seal pup baby (squeal!!), feed stingrays, and pet a baby elephant. Feeding the stingrays was awesome because you have to hold the fish under their bodies and they suck it up into a hole like a vacuum cleaner. It freaked me out so much that it took me three times to do it right without dropping the fish out of panic!

These guys were hilarious! They were born in 1926!!

I can’t even tell you how cool this was! She felt like the thickest wetsuit you can imagine and she just plants a big smackaroo right on your face!

I think I could feel my heart breaking into one billion pieces watching this little baby. For sure on the of the cutest things I’ve ever seen!

My last day was in Kansas City, MO and we only had the morning and afternoon before I had to fly back home so we went for a late brunch at Succotash where I got some great vegan blueberry pancakes. I was feeling pretty sad about leaving so there were a few tears before the pancakes came but the food was a good distraction.Lately I don’t like to go more than 2 weeks or so without seeing each other but it looks like this span will probably be about a month until we are back together and that thought was making me extra weepy as I packed my bags to go home. I was so glad to get back to the cats (and they were so happy to see me too) but the house feels extra empty it’s going to be a long summer on our own.

Maybe I can get that seal pup for some extra company…
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July 5, 2016

3 Ways To Travel In Style: Part 3!

While Todd is usually the one globe-trotting in this family, this year has been pretty full so far with travel for me as well. I’ve been back to our old stomping grounds in Springfield to visit friends, home to Pittsburgh for different events relating to my brother’s wedding, and out on the road several times to meet up with Todd on different tours. When Naturalizer asked me this spring to partner with them and show how I would style their Kail slip-on shoe several ways for travel, I thought it was the perfect theme for the past few months (see looks one and two if you missed them).

I got to go out with Todd on the first week of their 3 month summer tour with Twenty One Pilots a few weeks ago and we had a day off between shows where the bus was parked in a giant mall parking lot. It’s not too hard to guess what I did that day and I found this super comfortable pink t-shirt dress that was just the thing to pair with my Kail sneakers and beat the summer heat. Layers are key to surviving the back and forth between the cranked AC of the bus and arena and the sweltering heat of the outside world— jacket on, jacket off, jacket on, jacket off! Anyways, on these arena tours, one thing that’s a given is that you’ll be walking a lot. Whether it’s winding through the giant arena maze to get to catering or the green room or just trying to explore a new city for a few hours between band duties, a good pair of walking shoes is a must and the Kail didn’t let me down!

The black jacket helps to balance out the sleek black leather look of the slip-on, the pink adds a pop of color to the overall look, and the pins on the jacket just add plain fun! The cat and cheese fries pins are my fave right now…

I liked this look so much that I wore it again out to brunch when Todd was home for a few days recently. I’m bummed that he’s back on the road already but so happy that I get to fly out tomorrow to join the tour for a few days. Outfit planning is always one of my favorite things so I’m glad to have a pair of shoes I know I can count on!signature2 copy

June 30, 2016


YOU GUYS!!! I have been so excited about this custom neon sign that the awesome peeps over at Electric Confetti have been making for me and it’s finally here!! I have always drooled over those amazing neon signs on Pinterest and I can’t believe I finally have my very own. I love the pink, that it’s about pizza, the lucite backing, the gold chain (added by me)—this. sign. is. everything!

I think when you are trying to make a house your own it can be hard to find those few unique things that really make a room or area stand out, but this is for sure one of those items. I also love that it comes with a remote so you can turn it on different brightnesses and flashing modes. How fun will this be at our next party!? Anyways, I’ve been so excited about it I just wanted to share it with you! Check out Electric Confetti’s shop (or have your own custom made) if you are looking for a stand out piece too! I’ve also had my eye on this sign as well….signature2 copy

June 28, 2016

Sooo, You’re All “Natural” Now, Huh?

I have a confession to make—lately I’ve been making my own toothpaste. I think that’s the sort of thing that when said aloud signals the “Oh, you’re becoming that type of person” look, and they aren’t far from being right. I’ve always been interested in ways to eat healthier and try to get in enough movement during the day, but that’s been about where it stopped. I think as I turned 30 last year though, something started to shift a bit for me. I would wonder more than usual what was really in my food or beauty products. I would feel really guilty every time I threw something away that I could recycle. I started to really think about how I was living my life: what I was consuming, how I was consuming it, and who I was supporting with those decisions.

I don’t know if it was totally the age thing or not but I did have this burning desire to become more responsible about the things that I could control and make decisions about my life and health on purpose rather than just doing what was easiest. I had already started down a path to be more intentional about daily choices when I heard a talk given by Lindsay Leigh Bentley (local blogger and band wife) a few months ago about all the different things that they do to keep her family living a healthy and responsible life. I feel like that speech was exactly what I needed to hear at the right time and since then I have been so interested in researching as much information as I could on as many subjects as I could. I will be the first to admit that diving into a life overhaul like that is overwhelming. The sheer amount of information about everything you are doing wrong is potentially really discouraging to say the least. It feels like a mountain that you will never be able to climb (or be able to afford to climb if we are being honest—living healthier is expensive!!). I had to keep reminding myself to tackle one thing at a time, slow down and not rush into big decisions, and take a break from researching when needed.

In addition to trying to remove as many toxins from our products, food, and environment as possible, there was also a desire to be more eco-conscious as well. I realized eventually that all the “guilt” I was feeling by not recycling, etc., was really more of a growing conviction that I wasn’t treating the earth as kindly as I could be. I fully believe that God created the earth, beautiful and complex, and we are to be caregivers of that earth, to cultivate it, and to protect it. Can I totally save all the damage being done to the planet by myself? Nope. But, I can do my part and sometimes right actions will inspire others to do the same and thus actions can have a ripple effect that really does bring change.

Now, having said all that vague information about health and environmentally friendly living, I also whole heartedly admit that I am not perfect. I don’t live in a 100% green energy house or drive a Tesla or weave all my clothes from sustainable grasses in the backyard or only eat local in-season organic produce for every meal. If you are looking for things to point out that I am dong wrong or could do better, well, it’s not going to be that hard so don’t count on any gold stars for that one. As we can afford to I am slowly making small changes (although exciting ones) to how we live and eat and trying hard not to be wasteful with the resources we do consume. So anyways, I just wanted you to be aware that you may see or hear me talking more about natural products or ways to walk a little more gently on the earth. Oh, and that whole making my own toothpaste thing? Yeah, we’ll talk more about that soon…signature2 copy